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[oopfsb / undarkest timeline] cold light of day

In the morning Matt gets examined again, and given one more round with the device that stimulates bone regrowth for his cracked rib, and released from the infirmary with strict instructions to go back if he finds either the rib or his head giving him any pain.

Andrew's been talking to Security while this is going on, and returns to hover around the infirmary entrance while Matt's being discharged.

(He feels like he should be feeling less afraid, after a night's sleep and a definite course of action. Somehow he's not.)
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Matt's hand scrubs his cheek again, down the side of his neck.

"Yeah," he says, "just-- please, whatever you do, take care of yourself, okay?"
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Matt nods.

"Don't give up."
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Matt watches Andrew go, then turns his gaze with a sigh to his abandoned breakfast.

Maybe it's selfish that his first thought is, You probably really needed to eat.

He takes a bite of his own omelet, without much pleasure.

But he thinks he needs it too.