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[undarkest timeline] oopfsb: watchers always make lists

He needs to write that list. He promised Matt.

Watchers always make lists.

  • can take on the form of any individual dead or formerly dead
  • can (apparently) know anything known to the dead
  • can sometimes interfere with magical energies so as to disrupt spells aimed at it directly
  • can give abilities such as superhuman strength or clairvoyance to its chosen followers, while transforming others into Harbingers
  • can appear and speak to one individual while remaining unseen and unheard by others present
  • has claimed the ability to pull people out of hell (unconfirmed)
  • can communicate with people through dreams nightmares

    Known Strategies
  • winning followers through promises and/or corruption
  • impersonating close friends / loved ones, to deceive and mislead (esp. if the individual is not known to have died)
  • appearing as close friends / loved ones / enemies without keeping up pretense of actually being them, to stir up strong emotion and cloud judgment
  • passing misinformation / interfering with communication
  • damaging morale through constant harassment, esp. of those in fragile emotional/mental states

  • Andrew hesitates, then adds under that last: On more than one occasion the First has attempted, often but not always successfully, to talk people into murder and/or suicide.

    He stops and looks at it for several minutes, trying to decide if that sounds melodramatic.

    "You okay?" asks Jonathan's voice behind him.

    He turns before his mind catches up, and stutters "Y-yeah."

    Jonathan's sitting there on the edge of his bed, looking sad and sympathetic and even a little indignant on his behalf. "He dumped you, didn't he. I'm sorry. That sucks."

    Andrew closes his eyes. "If you wanna talk to me," he says unsteadily, "stop looking like him."

    "Sorry," says another voice, ruefully; when he opens his eyes, it's Ava Wilson sitting there. "Better?"

    "Not much." He turns back to the list, shoulders hunched as though he could hide what he's writing.

    "I mean it, though. I am sorry. Especially since it kinda was actually my fault? I called it wrong, I figured for sure he'd stick it out with you."

    Andrew's fingers close hard on the pen. "Did you want something?"

    She laughs. "What? I told you I'd be back. But listen, if this isn't a good time I can always come back later."

    "Yeah," he says to the paper. "Do that. Please."

    A pause, and then sounding pleased: "Well, since you ask so nicely. Sure. Just -- one thing before I go?" She pauses, and then when he doesn't respond goes on, her tone shading into concern: "Don't ... don't let it get to you, okay? If he's not gonna be there when you need him, he doesn't deserve you."

    Silence. Andrew waits, then slowly lets a breath trickle out.

    Then freezes, as his own voice breathes wickedly into his ear: "He deserves me."

    When he turns to look, the room's empty.

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