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[ooc] reverse darkest timeline thread collection

[See below for backstory links]

  • Andrew first encounters Matt
  • Second encounter, abduction attempt, rescue
  • Ava arrests Andrew
  • Andrew in the cells: Matt visits Andrew and talks to Baby; Ava talks to Baby and then to Andrew; Nita talks to Andrew
  • Ariel talks to Matt and to Kali
  • Matt talks to Kali
  • Andrew in the cells: Kali comes to get a look at Andrew, talks to Ava, Ava talks to Andrew; Brix talks to Ava, then Andrew, then Ava again, Ava gives Andrew the bad news
  • Nita and Matt have an epistolary conversation
  • Nita and Matt visit Andrew's room with Baby in tow
  • Andrew in the cells: Nita, Tom Riddle, Brix
  • Andrew after
  • Matt's birthday: Hannibal, Kali, Nita, Rache, Brix
  • In the cells: Brix talks to Andrew, and afterward to Ava
  • Brix and Ava offer Andrew a chance to go out
  • Holiday party!
  • Megaera shows up; afterward, Brix and Ava come to pick up Andrew
  • First outing (in progress)
  • Sometime after part 1 of the above: Ariel talks to Matt

    Backstory threads

    Six years prior:
  • Demon-possessed Sam
  • Sam and Andrew, later
    (note: these threads are formatted weirdly because of the comm they're in, and can be skipped)

    Five to four years prior:
  • Things Begin
  • When The Man Comes Around
  • Summoning
  • Abduction
  • Carrot and Stick

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